Delegates of the General Assembly are expected to have prepared a resolution or at least a draft of a resolution. Delegates of Ad hoc committees are only expected to prepare operative clauses, as they will be working with blank paper resolutions.

A resolution is submitted by one delegate, the main submitter, but it usually must have 7 co-submitters, as well
A blank paper resolution is a resolution composed of operative clauses proposed by many different delegates, and thus it has no main submitter, co-submitters, nor ambulatory clauses.

Resolutions have preambulatory clauses which serve as an introduction to the resolution. These are followed by operative clauses which specify how the resolution intends to solve the issue presented. Operative clauses may contain subclauses if further specification is necessary. If even further specification is necessary, subclauses specifying the content of a subclause may also be added.

For resolutions, there are guidelines in regard to the format which must be followed:

  • Operative phrases must be capitalised and underlined, and the operative clause must end in a semicolon.
  • Subclauses must be seperated by commas, listed using letters and are not capitalised.
  • The beginning of a subclause must be indicated by a colon.
  • Subclauses to subclauses must be listed in roman numerals and are not capitalised.
  • All abbreviations must not be abbreviated the first time they are mentioned.
  • A resolution must have at least nine operative clauses to be valid.
  • A resolution must have at least 7 co-submitters.
  • Preambulatory phrases must be italicised, and the list of phrases can be found here
  • All operative clauses must begin with an operative phrase from this list
  • Operative clauses condemns, demands, imposes, decides, authorizes may be used in the security and crisis councils exclusively

An example of a resolution by South Africa is available here

An example of a resolution by Germany is available here

The chairs of your committee will help you with your resolution, and any format mistakes will be corrected by the approval panel

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