Position Papers

A position paper is an overview of a nation’s stance on the topic of their committee and what they intend to do to solve the issue presented.
Position papers may also be used as opening speeches in committees.

A position paper should include a few lines describing the nation the delegate is representing, followed by a paragraph for each topic which will be discussed in the committee.
For a delegate in a committee with two topics, a length of one page (400-500 words) is appropriate.

A good position paper will include:

  • How the issue affects your nation
  • Indications of what your nations intends to do to combat the issue
  • Legislation and/or UN resolutions passed/supported by your nation in regard to the issue
  • A quote/statement by your nation’s leader regarding the issue, if available.

Position papers must be sent to the chair of your committee no later than November 11th

Click here for an example of a position paper by South Africa

Click here for an example of a short position paper by Russia

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