Executive Team

Secretary General: Lavinia Maria Moldovan
Email: Lavy.moldovan@gmail.com

Deputy Secretary General and Head of MUN society: Emilie Borch Lanther
Email: emilieborch2003@gmail.com

President of the General Assembly: Maria Bucica
Email: mariabucica18@gmail.com

Vice President of the General Assembly: Jelle Mulder
Email: zecondchannel1@gmail.com

President of the Economic and Social Council: Nikolas Konggaard
Email: niko388b@edu.aarhustech.dk

Vice-president of the Economic and Social Council: Alexander Lang

Conference Manager: Robin Packer
Email: rbnpacker@gmail.com

Giselle Arantxa Gomez, Head of Finance of MUNTI 2021
Email: arantxa_mtzg@hotmail.com

Head of Press: Lisa Le
Email: Ngoc2003mai@hotmail.com

Head of staff: Sameh Nowri
Email: sameh.nowri981@gmail.com

Head of Accommodation: Dilem Gule Tas Kara
Email: dilemkara@gmail.com

Safety Officer: Caroline Ørnfeld
Email: carornfelt@gmail.com

The team is also available at munti2019ib@gmail.com