Executive Team

Secretary General: Leonie Mudrich
Email: leoniemudrich@gmail.com

President of the General Assembly: Yoonseo Chung
Email: seo031208@gmail.com

President of ECOSOC: Stella Sophia Christensen
Email: stellasophia.christensen@hotmail.com

Conference Manager: Matias Villegas
Email: mpochorecalde4@gmail.com

Head of Press: Adrian Gelser
Email: Adriangelser10@gmail.com

Head of Staff: Lis Izar
Email: annalis0502@gmail.com

Head of Accommodation: Ricard Fernandez
Email: ricardfvendrell@gmail.com

Safety Officer: Camille Bhargava
Email: camille.bhargava@gmail.com

The team is also available at munti2019ib@gmail.com