Committees of the General Assembly (GA)

President of the General Assembly: Amalia Villum Jakobsen

Vice-president of the General Assembly: Sofie Skovborg

Committee: The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) (GA1)

Chair: Amalia Villum Jakobsen
Co-Chair: Sofie Skovborg


Topics :

  1. The question of disarming the parties of the Syrian Civil War and eliminating the use of chemical weapons in the conflict.
  2. The question of establishing a framework to prevent cyber attacks and to protect the digital infrastructure of sovereign states.

Committee: Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL) (GA4)

Chair: Jakob Rømer Haubjerg
Co-Chair: Melanie Olesen



  1. The question of ensuring the peaceful and sustainable colonization of outer space.
  2. The question of protecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories.



Committees of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President of the Economic and Social Council: Camilla Green Hesel

Vice-president of the Economic and Social Council: Arnis Prokopovics

Committee: Commission on Sustainable Development (ECOSOC 1)

Chair: Camilla Green Hesel
Co-Chair: Arnis Prokopovics



  1. The question of equal access to education: eradicating educational exclusion and inequality globally.
  2. The question of eliminating water scarcity and improving access to safe drinking water.

Committee: Commission on the Status of Women (ECOSOC 3)

Chair: Branislav Stevonka
Co-Chair: Ula Rubazeviciute



  1. The question of the right to abortion and the recognition, accessibility and safety of the choice.
  2. The question of eradicating sexual violence on(against) women in war zones



Ad hoc Committees


Chair: Sadegh Fotoohi
Co-Chair: Annamaria Ambrosova



  1. The question of promoting secondary education for girls.
  2. Addressing the global issue of Female Genital Mutilation
  3. The question of providing vaccination for children and enforcing children’s right to protection against preventable diseases

Please note that UNICEF is an ad hoc committee, and will, therefore, work from blank paper resolutions.

For issues or questions related to the committees, please contact the Secretary General